I’ll admit it, it sure is a nice thing when folks give you a bit of credit….  I’m a lucky gal to be playing music with these fellers, and very proud of all the work we’ve done to tighten our sound and get the word out.   Now there is a Fly By Night Rounders CD, and you can get one.  And yes, we are already looking into creating a new CD, and we will have information about that one out as soon as possible.   Fly By Night Rounders love doing what we do, and we are happy to share it with you.  We are a DIY band, meaning we do a lot of our own recording.  Chris Rodrigues is our sound guy, and he’s been hard at work turning the dials and making it sound crisp!

FROM THE NEWS – Fly By Night Rounders CD

We recently spent some time hanging out on WLOS news in Asheville.  Click the link below to hear more of the story or watch the video.  Our friends at WLOS have always been good to us, so thanks WLOS for having us on.   We’re looking forward to next time. 

Fly By Night Rounders CDIf you’ve ever walked the streets of downtown Asheville, you likely heard them before you saw them and couldn’t keep your toes from moving. Now, they are quickly becoming the face of the city’s ever-popular buskers. The Fly By Night Rounders have actually

Source: ‘Fly By Night Rounders’ celebrate upcoming show new CD & growing fame | WLOS

Find our events by visiting our EVENTS page.  You can also find a copy of this latest album on our shop page.  Please, let us know what you think of the music, we would love to hear from you.  Which song is your favorite?  Is there a song we should do a music video for?  Let us know in the comments!

Thanks! Have an awesome day!

  1. Keith Connor

    My wife and I saw the “Fly by night Rounders” for the first time in Ashville NC yesterday. They played the Garbage man song. It was impressive.
    Keith and Julia

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