Homemade music and fixing my bells…

My bells are falling apart and becoming stripped out. They just aren’t made to be stomped on.  I figured it would be a great idea to just ask for some ideas.  My musical buddy Chris Rodrigues joins me to ask for bell-assistance, and my dog Willy.   Help by sending us your homemade music ideas, we would love to hear them.   Thank you, everyone, who has searched your garages and attics to find us new knick-knacks and paddywhacks!

Homemade music – and the struggle.

I gather that if you have seen videos of my performance, or if you have seen it live, chances are that you have seen me reach down to fix a bell during a song.  My bells are becoming stripped.  The threads are disappearing to the point that rethreading them doesn’t work anymore.  I am actively looking for heavy bells with a diameter of four inches or larger, especially made of steel, aluminum, and nickel.  Brass bells are great, and I do love them… but they don’t work too well in an outdoor setting or with a loud band because the tones seem to bee too low.  I am looking for bells that have been completely “cast” as they are stronger.   I’ve placed a few pictures below to demonstrate what I am speaking of.  

Homemade music - cast desk bell

Homemade music – cast desk bell

Homemade music - riveted desk bell

Homemade music – riveted desk bell

It is also very hard to find the right tones.  I want to be able to play the melody lines during our breakdowns, but it never sounds right. My bells are simply “out of tune”.   It is going to be fantastic to find a solid octave of bells and be able to really create some fun music.  I am looking for all kinds of ideas to add to the mix of homemade music and silliness!  Send me your ideas by writing to abby@sponladymusic.com – Send me your fresh ideas!  Thank you to all that have shipped to us bells and horns! We have received bells from as far away as the UK and Australia!  We have already gotten tons of emails from subscribers with so many great ideas, so keep them coming – especially the videos!  

Spoon Lady Bells

Homemade music with Abby the Spoon Lady’s Bells

Spoon Lady's Bells Homemade music

Abby the Spoon Lady bell logo. Spoon Player from Asheville, NC. Homemade music


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