Salvation & Steel

Salvation recently has come to me through storytelling.  Storytelling has been difficult for me, as I am generally an introverted person.  During our recent storytelling nights, we have been discussing the story and lifestyle of the modern hobo, and the feelings that come with.  After eight years of riding freight trains and traveling across the country, I’ve got a few tales to tell.  I’ll do all I can to tuck my shyness into my apron.  Check the calendar for more events in the future.

The more often I stand in front of others and tell my story, the easier the action becomes.  I am hoping that throughout the years I can catch the attention of many, and tell many stories.  

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Roach and The Fly By Night Rounders play at The Mothlight on Sunday, Feb. 12.

“One of the most recognizable of Asheville’s buskers is Abby Roach, aka the Spoon Lady. With the recent release of a debut album by her band The Fly By Night Rounders and YouTube video views in the millions, she’s reached celebrity status.”

Source: Smart bets: Salvation in Steel

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