Storytelling  with the Spoon Lady & the Fly By Night Rounders

Storytelling with Abby the Spoon Lady

Abby the Spoon Lady Storytelling

I am in no way at all a professional storyteller….     I’ve just got a lot to say and talk about.  Over the last few months I’ve swallowed my fears and dove into some story-giving with the guidance of David Joe Miller, Asheville’s go-to man for storytelling.  I’ve been blessed to be accompanied by my best friends and band mates THE FLY BY NIGHT ROUNDERS

Our last series of storytelling events all SOLD OUT and I was massively pleased.   I was also very nervous, as the subject matter was my life traveling the rails of the US.  I spent 8 years traveling from coast to coast, living out of a backpack and sleeping where  I could. During our events we touch on such subjects as music on the rails, street performance culture, and overall kindness of the human race.  The stories have been fun to compile and share, and we are looking forward to more storytelling shows of this sort.  I’ve added in a small clip of freight riding with loud epic music for your enjoyment:


Our next series of storytelling events will be on North Carolina and regional music history… the songs of the area and the stories behind them.  We will talk about such awesome characters as Railroad Bill, Casey Jones, Otto Wood, and disasters such as the wreck of the 97 in Danville, VA.  Make sure to watch the calendar and grab up a ticket when they go on sale!

Stay tuned as we put together other events, or catch another David Joe Miller Presents! show.  This photo was taken by John Gellman, a great photographer who came to our last show at  Trade & Lore Coffee.  Trade and Lore puts on many events and shows, including theater and improv.

You can find more events and updates on our events page.

I list all of my Asheville events on DIGLOCAL ASHEVILLE.

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  1. Lindy Godwin

    We are Topsail Island, NC and would love to book you. Please send info needed to do so and some dates you are available! ! We love you!

  2. O.T. Watts

    I would love to invite you and the band to Jackson, Ky. Labor Day weekend. We are a small mountain community with rich heritage similar to Eastern N.C.
    I would appreciate feedback. TY!
    You are quite an entertainer!
    If not labor day weekend, any time…

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