Tourism video depicts some of Asheville’s most well-known faces.

The Asheville CVB has created a great video of some of Asheville’s most well-known faces and has put a light to what the “face”, or “faces”, of tourism in Asheville looks like.  Created by one of Asheville’s favorite videographers, and the creator of Buskin’ Blues, Erin Durham has outdone herself again.    Some of Asheville’s favorite musicians, brewers, chefs, & business owners are all within the confines of this video.  This video makes me feel just as this Asheville makes me feel, happy to be here and happy to know these great neighbors.  And yes, if you are feeling fun, check it out below.

A new video featuring Asheville locals and business owners will market the “warm and friendly nature of the people who visitors connect with everyday,” according to Marla Tambellini, deputy director of the Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau, whic

Source: Tourism video depicts ‘warm and welcoming’ Asheville after HB2


Who are your favorite Asheville people?  If you could do your own video like this who would you add to the mix of Asheville faces?  I would love to hear your opinion, so please let me know in the comments below.

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